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EPDM Liner

High-grade USA-made rubber liner to leak proof your dam.

EPDM liner is made of tough synthetic rubber that looks great in the wild and holds its shape and feel for a lifetime. Unlike plastic liners that bubble, ridge and deteriorate over time, EPDM liner provides a smooth, natural-ish look that doesn’t fade or lose quality, even after years of exposure to the harsh Aussie sun.

From $24.99/m2

Full rolls from $24.99/m
Cut to size from $26.99/m

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7.6m x 30.5m

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15.2m x 30.5m

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Why choose EPDM liner?

Lasts a lifetime.

Our EPDM liner is super thick (1.14mm) and high grade. Made in the USA, and backed by a lifetime guarantee, the liner is guaranteed to hold its look and form even decades on. And with UV-protection, the tough rubber doesn’t fade or deteriorate over time. So, it’ll continue to look great and remain exceptional quality through all those years to come.

Look great in the wild.

EPDM liner delivers a tidy, mat-finish appearance that looks great in the wild. The smooth, natural-ish look is the opposite to plastic liners that often fill with air pockets and have unsightly ridges where the plastic has gathered.

Extreme weather resistant.

With high-grade UV protection, EPDM liner holds its look and strength, even after decades of exposure to our harsh Aussie sun. The liner is designed to maintain its look (not fade) and quality in extreme temperatures ranging from well below 0°C to well above 50°C. This is not the case with plastic liners which become brittle in the cold and stretch in the heat.


Super flexible, 300% stretch.

EPDM liners offer unrivalled flexibility while remaining strong and durable. The elasticity of the rubber (up to 300% stretch) is retained even at temperatures well below 0°C. This means you can easily manipulate the membrane to support all shapes and sizes of ponds and dams. You can also stretch and move the liner, even after decades of use.

Safe for fish, humans, and the environment.

EPDM liner is made of rubber meaning, unlike plastic, it doesn’t leach nasty chemicals into your water or surrounding environment. It also isn’t attacked by microbial organisms, a common occurrence in plastic which deteriorates the liner. This makes EPDM liners the most ideal choice for swimming holes, fishing dams, any water bodies used by people or animals.

Easy to install.

EPDM liner is extremely easy to work with, making it adaptable to any dam size or shape, regardless of the complexity. The high elasticity of the membrane (up to 300% stretch) makes the rubber liner easy to stretch and bend while remaining tough and durable. The liner is also easy to cut and join together using tape and primer to combine sheets


Ensure the integrity of your water structures with our liners, made to protect the environment from water seepage. This component serves as an impenetrable barrier to safeguard natural ecosystems and protect valuable water resources. 

Liners, with their crucial role in dam maintenance, can prevent seepage, erosion, and contamination. They provide impermeability and stability to protect surrounding soil and groundwater from damage. At Love My Dam, we sell various dam and pond liners to suit your needs. 

Browse our selection of liners for dams and ponds below. 

Importance of Liners in Dam Maintenance 

Liners make dams more durable and efficient. They prevent water from seeping through the dam structure and causing damage to surrounding areas. By creating a watertight barrier, liners minimise the risk of leakage. In turn, you won’t experience related issues such as erosion and compromised structural integrity. 

Dam liners will also protect the structure against contamination. Preserving high-quality stored water stops pollutants, chemicals and organic matter from posing risks to human health and the environment. 

We have some of the best equipment for dam maintenance, including an AquaTough liner and repair kit.  

Use Our EPDM Liners for Your Water Features

Ethylene propylene diene monomer liners have a synthetic rubber material for weather and chemical resistance. These characteristics make the liners more desirable to those who want impermeable structures. 

We have dam liner covers to secure your dam and prevent leakage and seepage. They are best for harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures and irregular surfaces. Love My Dam also provides a Firestone dam liner to retain high-quality water in commercial and residential dams, ponds and swimming pools. 

Many liner manufacturers use these types of liners because they’re affordable and effective for water storage. 

Design and Installation Considerations

Installing dam liners requires careful consideration to ensure optimal performance. You should account for slope angles, integration with structural elements, compacted subgrade and adhesive bonding for rubber liner. 

It’s also important to conduct regular maintenance checks to identify weaknesses or deficiencies in the liner system. Our rubber roller will make your liner smooth enough to prevent future leakages. 

Love My Dam has a seam primer to help with the installation and repair of your dam liners. We also have uncured adhesive to ensure your liner sticks to a variety of surfaces and contours. 

What Liners Should I Use for My Water Feature?

Full rolls of liners will keep your dam secure and durable in the long term. These components prevent seepage, erosion and contamination from external sources. You should use liners to optimise water resource management while contributing to a sustainable environment. 

Contact us now to find a liner that works for your water feature. We stock a range of products designed to support dams, ponds, lakes and more.