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AquaTough EPDM Dam Liner

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AquaTough EPDM Dam Liner   

A high-grade EPDM rubber liner 1.14mm thick, ideal for commercial and residential dams, garden ponds, fishponds, reflection pools, swimming pools, golf course water features, streams, waterfalls and fountains.  

Made in the USA, AquaTough EPDM liner is one of the highest quality and longest-lasting EPDM dam liners on the market. AquaTough liners have been used all over the world for decades and are equal in quality and distribution to Firestone EPDM liner. Super tough—virtually indestructible—AquaTough EPDM liners look great in the wild and are guaranteed to stand the test of time. 

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Thicker than competitors 

AquaTough EPDM dam liner is 1.14 mm thick… substantially thicker than competitor’s 1.02mm liners. This makes it more durable and longer lasting. 

Unique J-Tear protection 

Assuming an underlay is used to protect your liner from sharp rocks and other objects, you can rest assured your AquaTough liner is virtually impossible to tear. That said, mistakes happen (e.g., a boat propeller or sharp tool slices the liner). In this unlikely event where a tear appears, AquaTough’s unique J-Tear design minimises the damage by stopping the tear from spreading. 

Natural look 

AquaTough EPDM liner presents a seamless, natural look in your waterbody. Unlike cheaper plastic liners that can fill with air pockets or have unsightly ridges where the plastic has gathered, AquaTough’s rubber-made material delivers a smooth, mat-finish look. The liner also looks great in the wild and doesn’t detract from the natural surroundings, unlike plastic liners that can make dams look unnatural. And with great UV protection (see below), AquaTough EPDM liner doesn’t fade or deteriorate over time like plastics. So, it’ll continue to look great, even decades on. 

Extreme weather resistant 

AquaTough EPDM liners offer the highest level of resistance to extreme UV exposure and temperatures, oxidation, and frost. Built from high-grade rubber designed to stand the test of time, AquaTough EPDM liner remains durable even after decades of exposure to our harsh Aussie sun. The liner remains strong and good-looking (not faded) even when exposed to extreme temperatures well below 0°C and well above 50°C. Being a rubber material, AquaTough EPDM liner also has the added benefit of not suffering from microbial attacks or algae growth, which makes it last much longer than inferior plastic alternatives. 

Super flexible 

AquaTough EPDM liners offer unrivalled flexibility while remaining strong and durable. The elasticity of the rubber is retained even at temperatures well below 0°C. This means you can easily stretch the membrane to support all shapes and sizes of dams in all types of environments. 

Safe for humans, fish, and the environment 

Safe for humans, fish, and plants, AquaTough EPDM dam liner is made of rubber so it doesn’t leach nasty chemicals into the water or surrounding environment (this is not the case with plastic liners). This makes AquaTough ideal for swimming holes and fish dams. 

Lifetime guarantee 

Proving to stand the test of time, all AquaTough EPDM liners are backed by a limited lifetime guarantee. Ask us for more information. 


We sell AquaTough EPDM liner in the following roll sizes: 3.05×3.05m, 3.05×4.5m, 3.05×15.2m, 4.5×4.5m, 4.5×7.6m, 9.1×9.1m, 9.1×15.2m, 15.2×15.2m and 15.2×30.5m.

We sell by complete roll for $24.99/m2, or we can cut any width roll to a custom length for $26.99/m2. Note: we cut by length, but not width.



The tables below show some examples to help you calculate the cost of your liner, excluding shipping. For an exact quote that includes shipping, click the button below.


Width (m) Length (m) $/m2
$ Total (excl. shipping)
3.05 15.2 $24.99 (full roll) $1,158.54
3.05 4.5 $24.99 (full roll) $342.99
3.05 3.05 $24.99 (full roll) $232.47
3.05 10 $26.99 (cut) $823.20
Width (m) Length (m) $/m2
$ Total (excl. shipping)
4.5 4.5 $24.99 (full roll) $506.05
4.5 7.6 $24.99 (full roll) $854.66
Width (m) Length (m) $/m2
$ Total (excl. shipping)
9.1 9.1 $24.99 (full roll) $2,069.42
9.1 15.2 $24.99 (full roll) $3,456.62
Width (m) Length (m) $/m2
$ Total (excl. shipping)
15.2 15.2 $24.99 (full roll) $5,773.69
15.2 30.5 $24.99 (full roll) $11,585.36
15.2 20 $26.99 (cut) $8,204.96

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Add an underlay  

We recommend you use an underlay to protect your liner. While EPDM liner is extremely tough, the weight of water (often many tonnes) in a dam pressed against rocks, sticks or other sharp objects can cause tears. Underlay protects your liner from such damage. We sell underlay for $3.95/m2.


AquaTough EPDM liner is extremely easy to work with, making it adaptable to any dam design regardless of the complexity. The high elasticity of the membrane makes the rubber liner easy to stretch and bend while remaining tough and durable. The liner is also easy to cut to size and join together—we recommend using Firestone tape and primer. No special tools are required. Even after years of use, AquaTough EPDM liner is easy to rearrange, or even pull up for re-use in a different dam.