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Sludge Reducer Bundles

You don’t have to live with sludge. Tackle it until it's gone with this completely natural Biostim duo solution.

Remember, sludge is nothing more than decaying organic material. This bundle has everything you need to build an army of “good” bacteria who will feed on this decaying organic material. With the right conditions, these guys can eat through centimetres of sludge in days.

What's included / How the treatment works

Biostim Tablets

Biostim Tablets drop to the floor of your dam, embedding in the sludge. The tablets are packed full of bacterial cultures and enzymes, everything you need to build up a dense population of “good” bacteriaThe “good” bacteria work hard to eat the sludge directly. In weeks, the results can be staggering. 

Biostim Powder

Biostim Powder is used to saturate the entire water column in essentially the same formula as the Biostim Tablets. The powder is used to get Biostim into the water column fast. It doses the entire water column, waking the “good” microbes up so they can help clear the water of cloudy organic debris. In other words, create a line of defence in the water column to reduce how much organic material ends up on the floor of the dam. A portion of the powder also often settles on the sludge directly. This gets the process of sludge reduction going immediately. Call it the first attack while the Biostim Tablets are doing their thing. 

The added benefit is you’ll get less algae and aquatic weeds too. The reason being is these “good” guys consume nutrients (e.g. nitrogen, phosphorus) as part of their own survival processes. Meaning less nutrients, aka food, available for pests.  

If you’ve been struggling with sludge build-up from fish waste, organic waste, and other decaying material in your dam for a while, then our Sludge Reducer Bundles were made for you. We offer them in small, medium, and large sizes so that you can find the perfect product bundle for your dam size.

Our sludge remover packs are perfect for reducing sludge build-up, but an added benefit of this pond sludge remover combination is that you will also have fewer weeds and less chance of an algae problem in your pond water.

Find out all about the bundle below.

What Products Are in the Sludge Reducer Bundle?

Our pond sludge remover packs, named the Sludge Reducer Bundles, are made up of two of our Biostim products.

  • Biostim Tablets: The tablets can be dropped on the floor of your dam, allowing them to embed in the sludge and get to work on breaking it down. The Biostim range is made up of probiotics, enzymes, and nutrients that stimulate the growth of ‘good’ bacteria in your dam. Biostim tablets can sometimes be used to spot-treat sludge directly in large ponds.
  • Biostim Powder: The Biostim powder serves a slightly different purpose than the tablets, even though the two products are made of similar ingredients. The powder can be used to dose entire water columns in one go to clear up organic material quickly. The powder can be considered the first form of attack in our pond sludge remover packs, and while the tablets act on the sludge layer, the powder filters through the water and sits atop the pond sludge on the dam floor.

How Does the Sludge Reducer Bundle Work?

Our pond sludge remover packs contain two Biostim products that act in different ways. Below, we’ve examined how the two work together to remove the sludge from your pond water.

  1. The Biostim powder can be dropped into the water as the first attack on the sludge. While some will settle on the sludge layer in your pond or dam, the rest will move through the water. It can be dropped at regular intervals in its water-soluble packs to attack the sludge directly.
  2. As the Biostim powder is moving through your water and dealing with organic waste and other decaying material that is suspended in the water, the tablets are firmly settling themselves in the sludge build-up on the dam floor.
  3. The tablets release their probiotics into the sludge on your pond floor, allowing a concentrated build-up of good microbes in your pond. These good bacteria eat the sludge, even working to treat hard-to-budge sludge. You’ll be staggered by how quickly you see results.
  4. An added side effect of our pond sludge remover packs is that the Biostim can also rebalance your aquatic ecosystem and ensure that you don’t have too many nutrients in your dam. Too many nutrients can feed plant matter, leading to overgrowth of weeds and algal blooms.

When Should I Use This Bundle?

Our pond sludge remover packs are perfect for you if:

  • You’ve noticed a build-up of sludge in your dam, and you’re looking for a way to tackle the problem.
  • You’ve noticed a build-up of sludge around areas like your jetty or irrigation pipes, and you need to spot-treat these areas to prevent further issues, like blockages.
  • You’ve got sludge and a problem with algae or weeds, and you’d like to tackle all the problems in one swift attack.

Sludge Remover and Love My Dam

This product bundle is entirely natural—just the way we like it at Love My Dam. We’ve been committed for years to natural and kind water treatment as we have seen the damage that overuse of chemicals can have on your aquatic ecosystem.

Our Sludge Reducer bundles are perfect if you’re looking to treat your sludge problem with a method that doesn’t negatively impact the entire ecosystem. The probiotic nature of Biostim means that no harmful chemicals or ingredients are introduced into your dam. In fact, Biostim is safe to use for dams that supply irrigation, drinking water, and leisure space.

If you’re unsure whether this is the right bundle for you and you want guidance on the best treatment for your symptoms, then remember we’re always available for a chat. Contact us now for more information.