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Liner Accessories

Strengthen your water feature with liner accessories from Love My Dam. We offer various tools for installing and maintaining dam liner, helping you to maintain its longevity. From cover strips that can repair tears to rubber rollers that bond surfaces together, Love My Dam stocks the best, high-quality supplies.

Browse our collection of liner accessories for your dam above.  

What Are Liner Accessories for Dam Liners?  

Liner accessories are essential components for dam liners when you need to bond EPDM liner pieces together or repair areas. 

Types of Liner Accessories  

We provide various accessories for dam and pond liners to ensure your EPDM liner stays in top condition for decades. 

Here are the types of liner accessories you can find in our collection: 

Cover strips  

Cover strips are essential liner accessories used in the installation of EPDM liners to cover joins and repair tears and punctures etc. These strips are made with ethylene propylene diene monomer (EDPM) rubber to conceal seams and edges, providing a clean look to your water feature.  

Repair kits  

Water features are exposed to the elements all year round, making them susceptible to wear and tear over time. To ensure your water feature functions properly, invest in a high-quality repair kit 

Our repair kit contains a patch, primer, roller and gloves to eliminate any tears and punctures that occur. We only provide products that are safe for fish too, meaning you don’t have to worry about harming the aquatic environment.  


Adhesive can secure dam liners by addressing any repairs. It’s also resistant to water and environmental factors, ensuring your liner is durable in the long term. You can use the adhesive to seal around pipes and cover any repairs to protect the material against sharp corners. 

Rubber rollers 

The right tools can make all the difference when installing and maintaining your liner. Rubber rollers are another essential accessory that can simplify this process and ensure a smooth application when installing your EPDM liner.

Our silicone rubber roller is ideal for sealing two EPDM liner seams together to ensure the bond is sealed and waterproof. It also ensures an even distribution of the liner material, prevents punctures and saves time and effort during installation.  

Where You Can Find High-Quality Liner Accessories  

The right liner accessories, including cover strips, repair kits, rubber rollers and adhesive, are essential for maintaining your dam or pond. These tools not only extend the life of your liner but also streamline installation and repair processes. 

Contact our parent website to learn more about these liner accessories and how they can strengthen and improve your water feature.