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Next Business Day Dispatch


Bring your dam to life by improving your water quality with these top quality aerator parts, designed to increase and maintain oxygen saturation in ponds, lakes and dams.

Looking for complete aerator kits?

We sell complete aerator kits but they need to be matched to your dam’s specs, hence why we don’t sell them online. Please visit our parent website (click the links below) for more information.
We stock dozens of aerator brands, including Air-O-Lator (USA), Vertex (USA), Matala (TW), Messner (GER), and Aquamaster (USA).



Maintenance kits

Here at Love My Dam, we offer a range of high quality aeration parts at an affordable price. These aeration accessories help ensure your water is free from dissolved contaminants that ruin the freshness and durability of your outside project. Plus by introducing oxygen into water, you’re improving the colour and odour. It’s an effective and low-cost solution for anyone seeking high-quality dam aeration. 

Understanding Aeration

Aeration is the process of infusing oxygen into water. This fundamental technique can improve dissolved oxygen levels, enhancing the survival of aquatic organisms and natural ecosystems. It can also reduce algae development and odours caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other gases. Several factors influence aeration requirements. Temperature plays a crucial role, as colder water holds more dissolved oxygen than warm water. The pH levels in your dam or embankment will also affect aeration efficiency. Neutral to slightly alkaline conditions are usually more favourable. We have a range of high-quality equipment, such as self-weighted air hoses and diffuser airstones, to help with water aeration.

Types of Aeration Techniques

Aeration encompasses various techniques that you can employ in water treatments to enhance oxygen. Understanding these methods and how you may use them for specific water features is essential for achieving high water quality. 

  • Surface aeration: This technique uses mechanical devices like paddlewheels or surface aerators to agitate the water, creating turbulence and closing the distance between water and air. Breaking the water surface transfers the oxygen from the atmosphere into the water. 
  • Bubble aeration: Fine bubble systems release tiny bubbles into the water, creating a large surface area for oxygen exchange. You can place diffusers at the bottom of your dam or water feature to dispense bubbles evenly throughout the water column. 
  • Spray aeration: Spraying water into the air allows it to contact atmospheric oxygen directly. This contact facilitates oxygen transfer into the water, which is best for core aeration in extensive water features that require more air, water and nutrients to thrive.
  • Submerged aeration: The final technique involves injecting air directly into the water through diffusers. Similar to bubble aeration, the diffuser uses bubbles to foster oxygen transportation. However, with submerged techniques, oxygen injection is more intense and precise. 

Our Aeration Equipment and Systems

Love My Dam stocks a variety of aeration equipment and systems that cater to several water treatments. Whether you’re seeking equipment to aerate a dam, lake, pond or lagoon, we have everything you need. 

Check out our aeration components above. 


Aeration diffusers are essential components of bubble and submerged systems. Our diffusers release small bubbles into the water, maximising oxygen transfer and reducing the time to aerate. 

We have non-weighted tube diffusers to improve the introduction of oxygen into the water body. Our regular air stations made from high-grade EPDM rubber (membrane) will also prevent water pumps from clogging. 

Aeration systems 

Comprehensive aeration systems integrate equipment, controls, and monitoring to provide a holistic solution to water treatment. These systems include pumps, tanks, and air filters for keeping your water clean. At Love My Dam, we also provide replacement filters to encourage more nutrients to penetrate oxygenated water. 


Our sub-surface accessories mainly comprise aerator pumps that promote oxygen transfer from the atmosphere. They come in various designs and sizes based on water volume and goals. We have a pump defender that prevents large debris from blocking pipes and protects valve strainers in irrigation dams. 

What Aeration Equipment Should I Get for Treating Water?

Aeration is a crucial process in water treatment. It enhances water quality and provides optimal conditions for various applications, whether that’s dams, lakes or ponds. Our high-quality equipment can help you achieve successful water treatments without the risk of further contamination.

Contact us today to learn more about dam aeration and how our equipment can enhance your water. One of our professionals will arrange the perfect time for an appointment to ensure we answer any concerns.