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FREE SHIPPING* on 90% of Products

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FREE SHIPPING* on 90% of Products

Next Business Day Dispatch

Next Business Day Dispatch

Sludge Reducer Bundles

You don’t have to live with sludge. Tackle it until it's gone with this completely natural Biostim duo solution.

Muddy Water Be Gone Bundles

Clear your water of muddiness from sand/soil and cloudiness from decaying organic content in one treatment.

New Start Dam Bundles

Have a new dam and want to give it a boost of life from the get-go? This 100% natural bundle will turn your waterbody into a place where beneficial life flourish.

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Natural Dam Kickstarter Bundles

Does your dam feel lifeless and in need of a kickstart? This 100% natural bundle will pump life back into your waterbody.

Full Algae Attack Arsenal

Feel like you’ve tried everything to attack your algae and nothing is working? Or is it your first attempt at treating considerable algae and you want to come out of the gate with all guns blazing?

Dam Makeover Bundles

Clear up the water in your dam and give it a dark, healthy tint the eco-friendly way.

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DeSkuzzer 2.0

Manually remove floating weeds, algae and debris, and get a workout.

Made in the USA

Introducing our Fun/Leisure range...

Biostim 100% natural probiotics

Create a thriving aquatic ecosystem, the natural way