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Matala Floating Fountain
A 1/3hp decorative (non-aerating) fountain ideal for ponds
Four nozzles to choose from.
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Lighting kits available.
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Enhance your water feature with a fountain, a simple decoration that not only improves an outdoor space but can also increase oxygenation in the water. By investing in a fountain, you can strengthen your water quality and create a natural environment that is soothing and perfect for wildlife. 

At Love My Dam, we stock two fountains, the Matala Floating Fountain (non-aerating) and Sonho Aerating Fountain (aerating).

Benefits of Fountains for Dams and Ponds

Fountains can bring numerous benefits to your water feature, whether that’s a pond fountain or small dam. These decorations enhance the aesthetics of an outdoor area, but they also support healthy water. 

Here are some benefits of dam or pond fountains. 

  • Aeration and water quality improvement: aerating fountains improve water quality by promoting aeration. As the fountain shoots water into the air and allows it to splash into the pond or dam, it increases oxygen levels in the water. Adequate oxygenation is essential for the health of aquatic life and reduces foul odours caused by stagnant water. 
  • Aesthetic appeal: Large or intricate fountains add a touch of beauty and elegance to your water feature. The sight and sound of flowing water creates a peaceful environment, especially in vast landscapes or public gardens. It’s worth adding a fountain for some extra excitement. 
  • Temperature regulation: During hot weather, aerating fountains help dissipate heat from the water, preventing it from getting too warm. In turn, cooler water temperatures benefit fish and other aquatic life that are sensitive to heat changes. 
  • Low maintenance: Dam or pond water fountains require minimal maintenance to keep them operational. For example, portable, lightweight fountains can be installed in under a minute without the need for regular cleaning. You can enjoy an outstanding display and not have to worry about it malfunctioning. 
  • Algae control: By agitating the water’s surface, aerating fountains disrupt the conditions that encourage algae growth. Algae thrive in still water with ample sunlight, and fountains can ruin this environment naturally to prevent the formation of green or brown scum on the surface. 

Types of Fountains 

You can choose from two types of fountains for your water feature. Love My Dam stocks various fountains to suit your needs, whether that’s to enhance the aesthetic appeal or improve your water. 

Aerating fountains 

Aerating fountains add oxygen to your water feature by increasing movement. The fountain’s spray pattern and splashing action create a larger surface for air to contact the water. In turn, oxygen from the atmosphere is absorbed into the water. Carbon dioxide also gets released into the air along with other gases. 

Increasing oxygen levels in the water can also improve the overall health of your aquatic ecosystem. With enough oxygen, plants, fish and other organisms can thrive. 

Love My Dam has a Sonho Aerating Fountain that pumps up to 1,000 litres of water per minute to increase oxygenation. Made from high-quality manufacturing parts, this fountain can aerate your water and provide aesthetic appeal. 

Non-aerating fountains 

On the other hand, non-aerating fountains are for aesthetics only. They function as a standard fountain to improve the appearance of your water feature. It’s worth choosing this product if you want to spice up your garden without the added cost of aeration. 

Our Matala Floating Fountain has a compact design with a powerful pump that improves your pond or dam. It doesn’t cost much to operate, and you can change the lights at night or replace the nozzle for a different water effect. 

Fountain Placement and Maintenance Tips

Proper placement and maintenance are essential for increasing the longevity of your fountain. Whether you have a fountain for aeration or aesthetics, you must take good care of it when adding it to your water feature. 

Some valuable tips for maintaining a fountain include:

  • Check you have access to a power and water supply source
  • Remove dirt and algae buildup from the basin and pump using a soft brush 
  • Consider wind direction when placing your fountain 
  • Monitor the water level to ensure the pump doesn’t strain 

Where You Can Find High-Quality Fountains for Your Water Feature

At Love My Dam we have choices between aeration and non-aeration, suiting everyone who plans on buying this decoration for their dam or pond. You can also visit our parent website for guidance on matching a fountain with your dam’s specifications. 

Contact us today to learn more about our fountains and how they can benefit your water feature.