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FREE SHIPPING* on 90% of Products

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Next Business Day Dispatch

At Love My Dam, we stock an enormous range of advanced wastewater treatments from natural grease degraders to bacteria solutions that break down waste products in water.

Here are some of our wastewater treatments:  

Grease degrader  

We have various grease degraders that degrade fats, oils and grease. The Bug On A Rope is a natural degrader that can eliminate substances such as animal fats in grease traps, wastewater lagoons and sewage lines by using natural bacteria strains. It has a block connected to a rope, making submersion easy below the water.

GreaseZilla is another sewerage treatment that softens and removes grease. It breaks down fatty acids and improves the ecological system in your water feature. We also stock a similar product called Qwik-Zyme L, except this degrader is a high-tech saliva catalyst that reduces phosphorus in the water.  

Wastewater Odour Controller 

The Dazzel Eco Plus is a natural odour-neutralising water treatment that can reduce odour and leave your water feature smelling fresh. This product is best for wastewater lagoons that are located near sewage lines and often develop a smell over time. It contains plants and herbs that counteract harmful bacteria.  

There is also the De-Sulph-A-Nator, designed to eliminate odorous sulphides and mercaptans in the water to make it cleaner for aquatic life. It can also reduce sulphide corrosion to save you time and money with maintenance tasks.  

Foaming Filaments Reducer 

Foam Buster contains micronutrients, proteins and amino acids to reduce foam in wastewater. The presence of foam usually stems from grease that mixes with emulsions in the water, creating a surface that looks messy and unhealthy. By adding this foaming filament reducer to your water feature, you can minimise sludge and foaming that derives from fatty oils.  

Ammonia Removal  

VitaStim Nitrifiers is an ammonia removal solution that enhances your water quality by reducing harmful compounds in the water. It contains autotrophic ammonia and nitrite-oxidising bacteria to reduce ammonia and activated sludge. Nitrifying Bacteria does a similar thing. The water waste treatment breaks down ammonia through nitrification. 

Ammonia is very dangerous to aquatic fish and plants, so it’s important to use this product if you notice the ammonia levels are high after testing.  

Protein degrader  

Quik Zyme P is another degrader, except it focuses on breaking down proteins and converting them into nitrogen compounds for better wastewater treatment. This product is designed for wastewater plants in the dairy industry since most of the compounds come from cheese, meat and egg processing.  

Which Wastewater Treatment Should I Use for My Water Lagoon?

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