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Next Business Day Dispatch

Dam Makeover Bundles

Clear up the water in your dam and give it a dark, healthy tint the eco-friendly way.

What's included / How the treatment works


Eco Dye is used for a rapid change of appearance of your dam or pond. The dye immediately creates a dark, reflective surface on your water body and is safe for fish, humans and other aquatic wildlife at correct dosage. It also has the added benefit of reducing UV penetration in your water, i.e. how much light there is for underwater algae and aquatic weeds to grow. Less light equals less photosynthesis, meaning fewer algal blooms and underwater weeds. 

Biostim Liquid

Biostim Liquid is the fastest acting probiotic in the Biostim range. The solution spreads quickly through your entire water column and wakes the microbes up.  These “good” microbes actively produce enzymes, speeding up the breakdown of organic waste, which clears the water of cloudy organic debris. This brings clarity to water that has a lot of organic content in it, e.g. leaves, branches, duck poo, dead insects and other aquatic organisms, including microorganisms. As well as cleaning up, the “good” microbes reduce the amount of nutrients (e.g. nitrogen, phosphorus) in your water body. Fewer nutrients means less food available for the things you don’t want to grow, e.g. algae and aquatic weeds.

Dam Makeover Bundles

Have you noticed your dam looking a little bit lacklustre? Want to clean up your water and give it a fresh new look? This bundle is just for you.

What Products Are in the Dam Makeover Bundle?

The Dam Makeover Bundle is made up of two of our products.

  • Eco Dye: Our Eco Dye is used to transform your muddy water into a dark and reflective surface immediately. The product is entirely safe for fish and other aquatic life as well as humans when used at the correct dosage. It is also entirely suitable for farm dams.
  • Biostim Liquid: The Biostim Liquid product is the fastest working product we offer in our Biostim range. As with all the products in that range, it is made up of probiotics, nutrients, and enzymes designed to wake up the entire column of water particles and speed up the breakdown of organic material and other particles. It can also help to break down any sludge in your dam to ensure it doesn’t settle on the soil on the floor of your dam.

How Does the Dam Makeover Bundle Work?

  1. The Biostim Liquid product, our fastest-acting product in the Biostim range, is added to the water to stimulate the growth of “good” aerobic bacteria. These microbes break down organic matter, decaying material, and other suspended particles. They also consume nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, reducing the food available to pests like algae and aquatic weeds. 
  2. As the Biostim Liquid is getting to work clearing your dam of debris and organic waste, the Eco Dye is introduced to give the treated water a sort of facelift. It turns the previously muddy water into a dark and reflective surface, which helps reduce the UV penetration in your dam. With reduced amounts of UV light getting into your dam, algae and aquatic weeds cannot grow as quickly due to a reduced amount of photosynthesis.

When Should I Use the Dam Makeover Bundle?

You might be wondering whether our Dam Makeover Bundle is the right choice for you, so below, we’ve listed some of the times when this is the right product combination to use in your dam.

  • Your dam isn’t looking its best: Maybe you have an event coming up, or you’re looking to use the dam for more leisure over the summer break, but you have cloudy water or less-than-ideal water quality. 
  • You’re having minor aquatic weed issues: The combination of Eco Dye and Biostim can help to reduce the amount of aquatic weeds growing in your dam by reducing their access to light (photosynthesis) and nutrients.
  • You’re having minor issues with algae: While Eco Dye gets to work reducing the light that the algae have access to, reducing photosynthesis and, therefore, growth, the Biostim Liquid works to rebalance the aquatic ecosystem and boost the growth of “good” bacteria in your dam. 
  • You’ve got lots of organic matter and debris, like suspended clay and animal excrement, in your dam: This combination works to reduce the decaying matter in your dam while giving the water an instantaneous facelift.

Why Natural Matters in Dam Care

Aiming for clean water in your dams or water bodies? Have you been considering chemicals but aren’t sure? If you’re looking to get clean water that is filled with aquatic life, then chemical isn’t the way to go.

Chemical treatments work quickly; we’ll admit it. They kill aquatic weeds and algae, but chemical treatment can’t get to the root of the problem.

If you continuously use chemicals, you’ll start with a small amount, but on the next fill, you’ll need more, and then more, and more, until you’re using so much chemical treatment you’re actually damaging the soil and aquatic environment in your dam.

Our Biostim products won’t do this. The Biostim range aims to resolve the issue, not treat the symptoms. If the problem is algae, it could be that the dam has too many nutrients feeding these algae and allowing them to thrive. If the problem is sludge, a build-up of dead and decaying matter has likely been allowed to settle on the floor of the dam.

Whatever the issue is, Biostim stimulates the growth of naturally occurring bacteria in your water. This naturally occurring bacteria competes with aquatic weeds, feeds on nutrients, and helps to break down the sludge, all while rebalancing the ecosystem and treating the root of the issue rather than the symptoms.

The Biostim range is completely safe for aquatic life and human use when used at the correct dosage. It won’t have a detrimental impact on the environment, nor will it harm livestock. All it will do is ensure you have a balanced aquatic ecosystem that can go on to thrive after treatment.

Need help?

If you’re not sure which bundle is right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us for free advice.