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WaterTreats Aquatic Weed Killer (5L)

$349.99 INC GST

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WaterTreats Aquatic Weed Killer (5L)

WaterTreats Aquatic Weed Killer is a liquid herbicide effective against 15+ major aquatic weeds, including floating, emergent, and subsurface species. 

When the Aquatic Weed Killer makes contact with the green parts of nuisance aquatic weeds (leaves and stems) it is rapidly absorbed producing peroxide that desiccates/dries out plant tissue and disrupts the function of cell membranes. WaterTreats Aquatic Weed Killer is then rapidly removed from the water by adsorption into inorganic and organic compounds. 

WaterTreats Aquatic Weed Killer can be applied as a dispersible liquid, but it is advisable to use in conjunction with AquaSticker or Biostim Accelerator when targeting submerged beds of weeds that require more effective placement (e.g. penetration of thermal layers in the water) or where slight water movements may compromise contact time with target weeds.  

  • Can be used to treat the entire water body or as a targeted “spot” treatment 
  • Low dose rates—a little goes a long way 
  • Biologically degrades in sediment 

WaterTreats Aquatic Weed Killer contains the active constituent of 200g/L Diquat present as Diquat Dibromide Monohydrate. 

How to apply 

WaterTreats Aquatic Weed Killer can be applied by tank or backpack sprayer, from the air, by boat (delivered onto the surface or injected beneath the surface), or scuba diver.  


The following dose rates are guidelines that may need to be increased or decreased according to your individual conditions. Results will depend on factors such as the state of the nuisance weeds, the extent of the area to be treated, the water temperature, and water movement (circulated, aerated water provides best results). 

Duck Weeds, Red Azolla, Water Hyacinth Salvinia 

5-10L Aquatic Weed Killer per hectare of dam water  

Ideal application: Apply as an overall spray wetting foliage thoroughly. Clear water is necessary for best results as suspended soil particles interfere with herbicidal action. Use the higher rate for heavy infestations or for deep or dirty water. A repeat application 7 to 14 days later may be necessary for control of dense infestations. Oxygen depletion of decaying weeds may occur; therefore not more than ¼ of the area should be treated at once to ensure adequate oxygen supply for fish. 

Marsilea, Water Lilies and Water Lettuce  

50mL of Aquatic Weed Killer per 15L backpack spray, or 400mL of Aquatic Weed Killer per 100L tank sprayer  

Ideal application: Small areas—spray to wet weeds thoroughly.  

Cattail and Pond Weeds 

5L Aquatic Weed Killer per megalitre (1,000,000L) of dam water  

Ideal application: Apply by injection below the surface or as a surface spray. 


Note: Do not swim in your dam or use water for irrigating plants for 10 days after using this product.

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 36 cm

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