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AquaSticker Biological Agent (13.6kg)

$779.99 INC GST

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AquaSticker Biological Agent (13.6kg)

AquaSticker is a biocatalyst that improves the effectiveness of algaecides and herbicides. 

When used with algaecides and herbicides, AquaSticker acts as a biocatalyst—temporarily disrupting the protective microbiota of algae and aquatic plants by fostering competitive microbial growth. This encourages algae and aquatic plants to naturally uptake more chemicals. AquaSticker also improves contact time with targeted algae and aquatic plants by slowing dissipation in the water column and increasing adhesion. This means you’ll use a lot less algaecide or herbicide and achieve the same result. 

AquaSticker excels in hard water treatments. It blends well with most other biological water treatments. 


  • Reduces the amount of algaecide/herbicide needed 
  • Improves algaecide/herbicide response time 
  • Boosts probiotic performance 
  • Enhances adhesion and contact 
  • Safe for the environment and people 

How to apply: 

The following dose rates are guidelines that may need to be increased or decreased according to your individual conditions. Results will depend on factors such as density of algae/weed, water temperature, water movement (circulated, aerated water provides best results) etc.  

We suggest starting with the following dosages when mixing AquaSticker with algaecide or herbicide: 

Surface acres  Cyanobacteria  Planktonic Algae  Aquatic Plants 
¼   500g to 2kg  500g to 1kg  100g to 500g 
½   1kg to 5kg  250g to 750g  200g to 1.5kg 
1  2kg to 10kg  500g to 1.5kg  500g to 2kg 
5  10kg to 50kg  2kg to 8kg  2kg to 10kg 
10  20kg to 100kg  5kg to 15kg  5kg to 20kg 
100  200kg to 1T  50kg to 150kg  50kg to 200kg 

Note: It’s recommended you treat your water, monitor the results, and adjust your dose rate based on these results.    

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 42 × 34 × 34 cm