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Bug On A Rope (Natural Grease Degrader)

$349.99 INC GST

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Bug On A Rope (Natural Grease Degrader)

A natural way to degrade fats, oils and greases 

Bug On A Rope blocks are a 100% natural way to degrade fats, oils and greases (animal fats, vegetable oils, etc) in grease traps, wastewater lagoons, and sewage lines. Each block contains 7 different strains of bacteria, as well as enzymes, and stimulants, to encourage the bacterial populations to grow. The 7 bacterial strains used are specifically chosen because they are the most effective at breaking down fats, oils and greases. 

Made in the USA. Manufactured by AquaFix in Wisconsin.


  • Lowers BOD  
  • Lowers sulphide generation  
  • Works better than soaps or deoderisers 

How to use: 

Heavy grease 

Place the Bug On A Rope directly under the incoming flow of the wastewater lift station. If you can’t place under the flow, use two blocks. 

Moderate grease 

Place the Bug On A Rope 0.5-1m deep under water in the middle of the wastewater lift station.  

About AquaFix

AquaFix is a USA manufacturer of environmentally friendly water treatments for the wastewater and dairy industries. The company is headquartered in Wisconsin and has been operating for over two decades. With a state-of-the-art biological laboratory on-site, and a team of full-time chemists and biologists in-house, AquaFix is recognised as a world leader in water analysis and wastewater treatment solutions. Today, AquaFix produces an unrivalled range of biological treatments for wastewater that degrade everything from grease and milk solids to foam and odour. 

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 27 cm