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Qwik-Zyme L—Grease Degrader (20L)

$399.99 INC GST

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Qwik-Zyme L—Grease Degrader (20L)

A biocatalyst for degrading greases in wastewater 

Qwik-Zyme L is a grease degrader specially formulated for grease traps, wastewater treatment plants, equalisation tanks, and food and egg processing plants. Qwik-Zyme L contains three types of fat-degrading (lipid-degrading) biocatalysts that can breakdown a range of fatty acids, including oleic acid, steric acid, and palmitic acid, as well as fish oils, triglycerides, milk, and animal fats. 

Qwik-Zyme L is not a bacterial product, but rather a high-tech saliva catalyst. It speeds up the breakdown of complex fat molecules to simple short chain fatty acids. This helps lower phosphorus in your water and degrades the grease (FOG) so your bacteria can more easily eat it. 

How it works 

  • The first set of biocatalysts in Qwik-Zyme L instantly separate fat molecules into long chain fatty acids. 
  • The next set of biocatalysts break these long chain fatty acids down to short chain fatty acids. 
  • More biocatalysts continue breaking these short chain fatty acids down into acetic acid which can be digested by bacteria. 


  • Reacts quickly 
  • Degrades fat, oil, and grease (FOG) 
  • Prevents foaming 
  • Cleans your treatment lagoon 
  • Easy to use 

About AquaFix 

AquaFix is a USA manufacturer of environmentally friendly water treatments for the wastewater and dairy industries. The company is headquartered in Wisconsin and has been operating for over two decades. With a state-of-the-art biological laboratory on-site, and a team of full-time chemists and biologists in-house, AquaFix is recognised as a world leader in water analysis and wastewater treatment solutions. Today, AquaFix produces an unrivalled range of biological wastewater treatments that degrade everything from grease and milk solids to foam and odour. 

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