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Lake Bottom Blanket (3m x 6m)

$349.99 INC GST

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Lake Bottom Blanket (3m x 6m)

A sunlight barrier that kills aquatic weeds

Lake Bottom Blankets kill aquatic weeds by blocking their access to sunlight; this starves them to death because they can’t photosynthesise food. The blanket is anchored down with rebar so it sits beneath the water on top of the weeds. It means you don’t see it floating on the surface of your water. In just weeks, you’ll see the weeds beneath the blanket die off. At that point, you can move the blanket to the next patch of weeds or pack it away in temporary storage. There are two coloured sides; white and black. We recommend black if you don’t want it seen on the floor of your dam or white if you do want it seen. For instance, you might use white if boats use the dam so they know where it is. There is a buoy included for the same reason; to show boats the blanket is below the surface.

Note: To weigh your blanket down in the water you’ll need to purchase 5 x 3m lengths of 10mm rebar from a local supplier/hardware store. These are threaded through the blanket seams as seen in the video below.

How it works

Step 1: Unfold the blanket and thread rebar (purchased separately) into each end. This will anchor the blanket to the dam floor.

Step 2: Place the blanket over the area you want to remove weeds from (e.g. swimming area). We recommend using the white side up if you want to know where the blanket is (e.g. to prevent boats damaging it) or the black side up if you want the blanket to be invisible underwater. Wait at least 4 weeks.

Step 3: When the weeds are completely dead, move the blanket to the next problematic area or remove the blanket from your dam altogether.

Chemical free: a 100% natural way to kill weeds that doesn’t require herbicides

Reusable: treat multiple areas in your dam by moving the blanket after the weeds have died

100% effective: guaranteed to kill weeds in weeks

Other sizes available

3m x 9.1m 

3m x 12.2m 

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 45 × 41 × 17 cm

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