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Clearwater Flocculant (20L)

$399.99 INC GST

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Clearwater Flocculant (20L)

Clearwater Flocculant is used as a flocculant in dams and wastewater treatment lagoons to remove dissolved inorganic matter (e.g. soil, sand) suspended in the water column.

Clearwater Flocculant introduces an opposing ionic charge to the suspended particles causing them to clump together and sink to the bottom. Flocculant also effectively binds and sinks phosphorus from the water column making it unavailable for algal growth.  

  • Most effective over a pH range of 5.0 to 8.0 
  • Safe for fish, wildlife, and aquatic plants, when used at the appropriate dose rate 
  • Can be used in any water body experiencing problems with excessive phosphorus, or muddy water 

Watch: Clearing Muddy Dam Water, Using a Flocculant 

Warning! Before purchasing flocculant it’s important to understand that floccing doesn’t always work. It can be hit and miss depending on many factors, including whether your water is actually “muddy” (from inorganic material) or “cloudy” (from organic material). Note: flocculant does not help settle/remove organic (cloudy) material—use a product like Biostim instead. Flocculant works only against inorganic (sand, soil etc) material. 

Want free advice prior to doing the floccing process? Complete our Dam Diagnostics Survey on our parent company’s website ( and we’ll be in touch to provide free recommendations. Alternatively, we recommend you read our article: Clearing Muddy Dam Water (In 5 Steps) prior to purchasing a flocculant.


Please read the warning at the top of this page prior to going any further.  

Dosage suggestion

The following dose rate is a guideline that may need to be increased or decreased according to individual conditions, such as soil type, water temperature, volume of suspended material etc. More accurate dose rates can be established by onsite testing. 

We suggest starting with 20L Clearwater Flocculant per 1,000,000L of dam water. Before applying, dilute the Clearwater Flocculant with 5-10 parts fresh water to 1 part Clearwater Flocculant. 

How to apply

Spray/pour your diluted Clearwater Flocculant over the entire surface area of water. Thorough mixing and circulation is then required by pump, aerator, or motorboat, so the product has contact with the suspended particles in the water.  

After a period of mixing, small pinhead particles will become visible and then increase in size to match-head sized particles. At this point, mixing should stop to allow the particles to settle overnight. Repeat the process if required. Good initial coverage and thorough mixing will result in faster, better results and less product needed. Good results can still be achieved without thorough mixing but more product may be required. 

Pro tip when ordering

When you buy flocculant, we recommend ordering 20% more than you have calculated you need. The fact is you only get one shot at getting “floccing” right. If you add a certain amount of flocculant and you see the particles begin to floc, but they don’t floc enough to sink to the bottom, you can’t just top your water up with more flocculant later. You need to add more flocculant immediately or you’ll have to start the process over entirely because eventually the flocculant leaves the water. This means for optimal results; you need to hit the water all at once. So always have a little extra on hand. 

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