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Algae Lift (20kg)

$299.99 INC GST

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Algae Lift—Granular (20kg)

Lift algae from any surface 

Algae Lift is a peroxide-based water treatment that removes algae from aquatic surfaces (e.g. plants, rocks, submerged equipment) so natural processes can break the algae down faster. Not an algaecide itself, Algae Lift instead “lifts” algae from these surfaces, which allows bacteria and other aquatic life to break down the algae. Algae Lift can also be used to clean organic build-up and sludge from underwater surfaces such as rocks and dam/pond floors. 

Environmentally friendly 

Algae Lift is peroxide based, naturally breaking down to hydrogen, oxygen, and water, so it doesn’t add nasty chemicals to your water. This makes it 100% safe for fish, plants and other aquatic life when applied correctly. 

Watch: Algae Lift: An Environmentally Friendly Way to Tackle Algae

Other benefits 

A little goes a long way: low dose rates and targeted application means Algae Lift lasts and lasts, making it a very economical option compared to treatments that need to be applied to the entire waterbody. I.e., if you only have some areas of your dam/pond affected by algae, then you can treat just these areas, instead of the entire waterbody.  

Instant results: As seen in the video, the effectiveness of Algae Lift can be seen almost immediately (within minutes). The algae will lift from surfaces in large clumps and float to the surface. This material can then be manually removed by nets/skimmers, or left for naturally occurring bacteria to digest.   

Makes things look new: Cleans waterfalls, fountains, ornaments, water features, rocks, gravel etc, making them appear new again. 


Algae Lift can be used to treat the entire water volume or for targeted “spot” treatments. It should be applied by scattering the powder over the problematic area. It is safe to use around woody plants but be careful with dosing around soft-celled plants. 

The ideal application is scattering the powder over algae submerged by water so the granules can dissolve in the water before making contact with the algae. If applying Algae Lift to thick surface mats, we advise you disturb the algae first (e.g., push it under water) so the Algae Lift is saturated with water when it comes into contact with the algae.  

Dose rates 

The following dose rates are guidelines that may need to be increased or decreased according to your individual conditions. Results will depend on factors such as algae composition, water temperature, and water movement (circulated, aerated water provides best results).  

It’s recommended you treat your water, monitor the results, and adjust your dose rate based on these results. 

Dose rates for large water bodiesdams, lagoons etc  

  • Full water volume treatment: 6kg to 36kg per megalitre (million litres)  
  • Surface water treatment: 9kg to 45kg per surface acre  
  • Spot treatment: spread/broadcast approximately 100g per square metre and then adjust dose rate based on results 

Dose rates for small water bodies—fish ponds, water features, stock troughs etc  

  • 20g to 40g per 1,000L of water 

Note: Algae Lift may temporarily raise pH in smaller waterbodies so a starting pH of 6.8 to 7.8 is preferred. pH levels should naturally come down after a few days but it’s advised to monitor things in fish ponds or other applications where pH is a concern.     

Pro Tip: Combine with Biostim Accelerator (for improved long-term results)

We recommend adding Biostim Accelerator (a natural catalyst) to your water shortly after using Algae Lift. Biostim Accelerator stimulates the growth of naturally occurring bacteria which break down decaying organic material, including dead algae. This means less dead algae (fertiliser for algae and weeds) falls to the floor of your dam, which means less nutrients entering your dam, and less chance of future algal blooms. Learn more

Other sizes

Algae Lift—Granular (4kg)

Algae Lift—Granular (10kg)

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 35 × 34 × 51 cm