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Upgrade Summer With a Floating Lounge

Above: Lazy Lounge

For summers spent enjoying the water and soaking up the sun, there is nothing better than a floating lounge. Floating furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and is a luxurious way to enjoy your dam, lagoon, or pond.

If you’ve been considering getting a relaxing floating lounge to enjoy with friends or for the kids to play in this summer, then you’re in luck. We have a range of floating lounges for you to choose from. Get to know all the features of these inflatable water loungers below.

What is a Floating Lounge?

So, what is a floating lounge?

Going by many different names, including floating lounges, inflatable lounges, and inflatable water loungers, these fantastic inflatable features add a little luxury to the water on your property. Whether an open body of water, like a dam, you can add these floating lounges to create a comfortable and relaxing space to float the day away.

Floating lounges all have a few elements in common. They are buoyant and made of durable materials to ensure they last for longer than one summer. They are often found in a variety of water-based settings, including beaches, dams, lakes, and more. The materials used are resistant to UV light and can withstand constant water exposure. And they tend to include a wide range of features, like cupholders, sunshades, and more, to make the time you spend on them as comfortable as possible.

Types of Floating Lounge

There are many types of floating lounges that you can add to your lake, dam, or beach. Often, people choose to connect a number of floating item features to create a unique system for relaxing and playing. Indeed, you can add slides, trampolines and more to your floating lounge.

Below, we’ve covered some key types of these lightweight water accessories.

Above: Ohana Lounge

Shaded Lounges

The shaded inflatable lounge is the most iconic set-up. Usually including inflatable chairs and possibly a table structure, these floating lounges are the perfect setting for adult summer fun. With plenty of room for a group of friends, features like water holders and cushions, and shade from the sun, you’ll lose time in one of these floating lounges.

Above: OG Lounge

C Shapes

C-shaped lounges are slightly different to the lounge setups that include chairs and tables. Instead, there is a gap in the centre (forming, you guessed it, a c-shape!) where the water is accessible. This kind of lounge is perfect if you want to keep your feet cool in the water.

Above: C Lounge

While entirely suitable for an adult day of relaxing and drinking, these lounges are also ideal for kids, so they work for playdates and summer fun with your friends with kids. With easy access to the water, they can get onto the lounge quickly. It could be attached to an extravagant water play park, with slide and trampoline features, and serve as a place for the kids to relax and catch their breath.

Above: Soaker Lounge

Mesh Lounges

Mesh lounges often have what is known as a ‘soaker floor.’ This means that part of the lounge floor allows water through it. Usually in a ring shape, these lounges can be used as attachments to your seated or shaded lounge area or used on their own.

They make a good choice for kids to play. With a clear perimeter for younger children, you can keep an eye on them as you all enjoy the sun.

Mesh loungers may come with shades attached or simply be an inflatable ring. Whatever age you are, though, you’re sure to enjoy relaxing in one.

Above: Full Deck 15.0

Floating Decks

Want to sunbathe on the water? A floating deck is the perfect choice. Essentially just a flat strip of inflatable, the floating deck can be attached to a shaded lounge or used on its own. It is a good choice for people of any age and is perfect for soaking up the sun while your friends and family drink in the shade!

The Appeal of Floating Lounges

These floating products are designed to add a hint of decadence to your summer. They’re great for entertaining young kids or your grandchildren and can offer a safe way to enjoy the sunshine with a view across the water.

A lounge can serve as the perfect vantage point for keeping an eye on the little ones as they play. They can easily be attached to broader and more extravagant water play parks, so grandparents, parents, and guardians can enjoy the sun, sip on their drinks, and relax as the kids have fun.

For those who like being out in nature but want to avoid the sun, floating lounges can help you stay cool and safe from the sun while still enjoying the water. They also add a bit of privacy and solitude to your time on the water.

Lastly, they offer a novel way to socialise. With relaxing seats, views across the water, and the calming energy of the water lulling you and your friends, you can laze the day away with a drink (safely secured by built-in cup holders) in one of these fantastic floating lounges.

Choosing the Right Floating Lounge

Wondering how to choose the perfect product for your needs. There are a few things to consider, including who is going to be using it, shade preferences, seat preferences, and your capacity needs.

Who is Going to be Using it?

With plenty of choices of floating lounges, you will undoubtedly be able to find a good fit for the people using your lounge. If you’re planning the lounge as an add-on to a wider water play park, consider a comfortable spot for guardians to look after their kids from the comfort of a shaded lounge. If you want to add a seated area that is more accessible for playing children, a C-shaped lounge could be the right choice for you.

Shaded or Unshaded?

Some of us are sun lovers and some sun haters; fortunately, you can find inflatable lounges for both preferences! Shaded lounges are a good choice for socialising, but you may also choose to extend your lounge with a sun deck, offering you the best of both worlds!

Seats or No Seats?

This is another choice that could depend on who is going to be using the sun lounge. If you’re planning on having all the family over, your older relatives may benefit from a comfortable seat. If this space is just for the kids to relax and have fun in the sun, then a mesh-bottom lounge could be a great choice.

Capacity Needs

Last of all, how many people do you want to get in your lounge? Consider this before buying, as you don’t want to have to squeeze yourself in together too tight!

Final Thoughts: Elevate Your Dam With a Floating Lounge

A floating lounge is the perfect way to enjoy the views across pristine waters on a hot summer day. With space to socialise and relax, it really will elevate your summer!

Shop our entire range now to find the perfect inflatable lounge for entertaining this summer!