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Underwater Algae Attack Bundle

Want your underwater algae problem gone and without using chemicals? This bundle gives you the satisfaction of instant results—the algae begins peeling from underwater surfaces in minutesas well as the peace of mind you’re returning your water body to health in a natural way.

Algae Lift (20kg), Biostim Accelerator (20L) and Biostim Tablets (20kg)

Algae Lift is a peroxide-based solution that strips algae from underwater surfaces. The solution turns to hydrogen and oxygen after it has done its job. So, it doesn’t add any harmful molecules into your water. Biostim Accelerator is a natural biocatalyst that speeds up natural degradation processes. In other words, it kicks natural “good” bacteria into gear consuming all of the damaged and decaying algae. 

The Biostim Tablets sink to the floor of your dam, the source of the algae problem, and start to build the populations of “good” bacteria. These guys not only consume sludge, fertliser for algae, but they consume nutrients (e.g. nitrogen, phosphorus) in the water which starves out algae over time. When the population of “good” bacteria is large enough, there simply isn’t enough food for pests like algae and aquatic weeds. It means you have a lot less chance of seeing the algae return. And if it does, it will be a lot slower and easier to manage.  

Underwater Algae Attack Bundles

There are many types of underwater algae, but all can cause problems in your dam. Whether making it difficult to use for leisure, giving off a bad odour, or causing problems for livestock who have access to your dam, underwater algae is nuisance at the least and a toxic issue at it worst.

Our Underwater Algae Attack bundle contains a range of our treatment products to attack the algae and get to the root of the problem hat causes your underwater algal blooms.

What Products Are in the Underwater Algae Attack Bundles?

The products included in this bundle are the Algae Lift product, Biostim Tablets, and our Biostim Accelerator. We’ve summarised each below.

  • Algae Lift: This is a peroxide-based solution that can strip algae from any underwater surface. It will turn into hydrogen and oxygen when it’s done its job so that no harmful molecules enter the water.
  • Biostim Tablets: The Biostim products are made up of probiotics that stimulate the growth of “good” aerobic bacteria. This bacteria helps to consume sludge and dead algae as well as compete with nutrients that algae need to grow.
  • Biostim Accelerator: The accelerator product is a natural biocatalyst that speeds up the natural degradation process. It ensures that the Biostim product works swiftly and gets the bacteria consuming damaged and decaying algae as quickly as possible.

How Does the Underwater Algae Attack Bundle Work?

Each product in the Underwater Algae Attack bundle is designed to reduce the presence of algae and stop its recurrence, but how do the products work together to achieve this?

  1. The Algae Lift is a swift attack on the algae. It takes out algae on any underwater surfaces to reduce the presence in your dam.
  2. Once the Algae Lift has gotten to work, the Biostim Tablets can do their work of stimulating “good” bacterial growth. This “good” aerobic bacteria not only feeds on the dead algae caused by the Algae Lift but also feeds on sludge on the surface of the dam, which acts as a fertiliser for the algae, effectively cutting off its food source.
  3. On top of this, the “good” bacteria that have grown will actively compete with algae and other microorganisms in the dam for nutrients. This creates more balance and reduces the risk of another algal bloom in future.
  4. Lastly, the Biostim Accelerator provides the catalyst to ensure that the “good” bacteria break down decomposing matter as quickly as possible. It essentially ensures that the Biostim Tablets not only work but also work quickly.

When Should I Use the Underwater Algae Attack Bundles?

The Underwater Algae Attack bundles can be used in a few different instances. These include the following.

  • You’ve got an algal bloom: The first and most obvious instance when the Underwater Algae Attack bundle should be used is when you have a bloom of underwater algae in your dam. Signs of this include discolouration of the water, scums and mats on the surface, and an unpleasant odour.
  • You’ve had algal blooms in the past and can see the signs of another one: If you’ve begun noticing signs of the presence of underwater algae, you might want to get a head start on defending your dam. This bundle can ensure that not only is any algae dealt with but that the root of the issue causing the algae growth is also dealt with.
  • You’re looking for a natural solution: If you only want to use natural products in your dam, then Love My Dam is the right place to be. We’re committed to using natural solutions whenever and wherever we can, and we will only ever use chemicals when absolutely necessary and never on their own.

Attacking Underwater Algae With Love My Dam

Underwater algae can sometimes be more difficult to handle. With surface algae, the mats are visible quickly, but underwater algae may coat surfaces and discolour the water before you even notice it.

If this has happened to you, then the Underwater Algae Attack bundle is the right choice. It will get to the root of the issue and help to rebalance your dam’s ecosystem to ensure another algal bloom doesn’t occur.

If you’re struggling to work out whether this is the bundle you need, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced and knowledgeable team today. We’re always happy to give advice and help you decide which treatment would be best for your dam. Contact us now for more information.