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Understanding Biostim: A Key to Healthy Dam Ecosystems

Biostim is a 100% natural biological stimulant designed to enhance the overall performance of your dam, pond or lake. It’s made of bacterial cultures, enzymes and nutrients and works by producing enzymes that degrade sludge, reduce nutrients and improve water quality. 

Imagine it like a probiotic that feeds the “good” microbes in your dam, like how you might eat yoghurt or drink kombucha to feed the “good” microbes in your gut. Biostim provides nutrients to these “good” microbes so they grow and feed on the organic material while also drawing nutrients from the water. By reducing the amount of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus in your dam, pests like algae and aquatic weeds eventually starve. There simply isn’t enough food (nutrients) leftover for them to grow.

What does Biostim do?

Here are some ways Biostim can improve your dam’s condition:

  • Reduce (eat) the sludge on the floor of your dam
  • Consume nutrients to starve our pests like algae and weeds
  • Outperform harmful bacteria (anaerobic bacteria) that create nasty smells
  • Clear water of organic metal, creating better quality water by reducing its cloudiness

Available in powder, tablets, liquid and pellets, there are many variations of Biostim available that’ll work to create a healthy ecosystem. 

Biostim features 

Here are some effective features of Biostim:

  • Natural product. Biostim is 100% natural, containing no harsh chemicals that could harm birds, fish, pets or people.
  • Target specific areas. You can use Biostim to target specific areas and control the sludge. You can use it around irrigation suction pipes, aquaculture cages, swimming areas, or general water bodies.
  • Reduce odour. Methane and hydrogen sulphide are bad-smelling chemicals, and Biostim will help to reduce their odour as the good bacteria will outcompete the bad.

As the key to a healthy ecosystem, using Biostim has many benefits. As a non-toxic, chemical-free stimulant, it works wonders for dams and restores balance for optimum conditions. With a wide range of blends available, there’s one right for your dam.

How to use Biostim

Knowing how much Biostim to use depends on your situation and any issues your dam has. It comes in the form of liquid, powder, pellets and tablets. 

Let’s take a look at the different types and the guidelines for how to use them:

  • Biostim Liquid. Dilute one part Biostim Liquid to nine parts pond/dam water and spray as much into the water as possible. 1L Biostim Liquid per megalitre (million litres) is recommended for the monthly dose rate for large water bodies, and 20ml Biostim Liquid per 1,000 litres for small ones.
  • Biostim Powder. Simply toss the sachets of powder into the water body in various locations or near an aerator. 1.5kg per surface acre of water for 3 months is recommended for the initial dose and 0.5 kilograms per month for a maintenance dose.
  • Biostim Pellets and Tablets. These can be tossed into the water and will dissolve over time. 10kg per surface acre / per month is recommended for the initial dose, which you should keep up until conditions improve. The recommended maintenance dose is 5kg per surface acre/month, depending on the results. 
  • Biostim Accelerator. Dilute with 10-20L of dam water and pour around various sections. The starting dose recommended is 1L diluted Biostim Accelerator per 1,000,000L dam water, and 500ml diluted Biostim Accelerator per 1,000,000L dam water every two weeks for effective results.

Biostim is the key to a healthy ecosystem as balance is restored and health is optimised by speeding up the breakdown of organic waste, degrading sludge, and restoring biodiversity.

Love My Dam has a wide range of Biostim products to cater to various issues and water bodies. Feed the good microbes in your dam and restore the natural conditions for the local ecosystems to thrive and grow in an optimum environment. Shop our collection today or contact us for more information.