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Quik Zyme P—Protein Degrader (20L) 

$1,249.99 INC GST

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Quik Zyme P—Protein Degrader (20L) 

A biocatalyst for breaking down complex proteins 

Specially designed for the dairy industry, Qwik-Zyme P is a biocatalyst that breaks down complex proteins in dairy waste (e.g., casein), meat packing, egg processing, and other waste containing complex proteins. This makes Qwik-Zyme P ideal for cheese plants, dairy plants, meat packing plants, breweries, and rendering facilities. 

Qwik-Zyme P works by liberating difficult-to-access proteins and converting them to nitrogen compounds. This is beneficial because proteins are often difficult and slow to digest in wastewater treatment. In the case of dairy waste, the protein is a milk solid called casein. Casein is a very complex and interwoven protein that takes significant time for bacteria to break it down. Qwik-Zyme P provides the catalyst these bacteria need to begin the process of breaking down casein.  

We recommend you use Qwik-Zyme P at the head of your wastewater treatment plant for best results. 


  • Works quickly 
  • Breaks down casein 
  • Reduces foaming 
  • Lowers sludge production (when used at the beginning of your processing cycle) 
  • Speeds up COD breakdown—lowers COD levels 
  • Improves settling 
  • Reduces odours 
  • Aids in the removal of phosphorous from your water

About AquaFix 

AquaFix is a USA manufacturer of environmentally friendly water treatments for the wastewater and dairy industries. The company is headquartered in Wisconsin and has been operating for over two decades. With a state-of-the-art biological laboratory on-site, and a team of full-time chemists and biologists in-house, AquaFix is recognised as a world leader in water analysis and wastewater treatment solutions. Today, AquaFix produces an unrivalled range of biological wastewater treatments that degrade everything from grease and milk solids to foam and odour. 

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