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Odour Be Gone Bundle—9.46L Dazzel Fresh Eco, 20kg Biostim Powder

$1,979.99 INC GST


Odour Be Gone Bundle—9.46L Dazzel Fresh Eco, 20kg Biostim Powder

Dealing with toxic dam odours? This 100% natural duo is fast-acting and treats both the symptom (the smell) and the upstream cause (“bad” anaerobic bacteria).

Dazzel Fresh Eco 9.46L

DazzeL Eco Plus treats the symptom–the smell. This all-natural super concentrate is derived from plant leaves and herbs and works by binding with odour-causing molecules and breaking them down to nothing, thus removing the smell. It means you’re not just masking the bad smells, but rather neutralising them for good. The water treatment leaves your water smelling fresh and clean. 

Note: DAZZeL Eco Plus is a 20x concentrate and should be diluted prior to use. 

Biostim Powder 20kg

Biostim Powder goes upstream to treat the cause of bad smells–excessive populations of “bad” bacteria, aka oxygen-hating anaerobic bacteria. How do you beat an army of “bad” bacteria? With a bigger army of “good” bacteria. Not to fight the “bad” guys sword to sword, but to starve them out. This is what Biostim Powder does. It’s a natural probiotic that boosts your populations of “good” bacteria to a point where there simply isn’t enough food/nutrients available for “bad” bacteria to even attempt to exist. It’s how you eliminate odours for good. 

Biostim Powder Application

To apply Biostim Powder, simply toss the water soluble sachet the product is supplied in into your water body at various locations and/or near an aerator. Benefits are usually seen after just a couple of weeks with sludge/organic matter being the most significantly reduced over the course of summer when bacteria are most active. Problem areas can be treated heavily without having to treat the entire water body. Biostim is safe to use at higher doses. 

Dose Rates  

The following dose rates are guidelines that may need to be increased or decreased according to your individual conditions. Results will depend on factors such as sludge composition, water temperature, and water movement (circulated, aerated water provides best results).  

It’s recommended you treat your water, monitor the results, and adjust your dose rate based on these results.  

Initial Dose  

1.5kg per surface acre of water for 3 months.

Maintenance Dose  

0.5kg per month per surface acre of water.

This can be adjusted based on individual results. Note: Biostim Powder can be dosed at higher rates when required but care should be taken to ensure adequate aeration in fish ponds.