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⅜″ Matala Self-Weighted Air Hose—9m Roll

$149.99 INC GST

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⅜″ Matala Self-Weighted Air Hose—9m Roll

Matala Weighted Air Hose is a heavy-duty, self-sinking air hose designed to sink to the bottom of your dam, lake or pond without additional weight. This prevents unsightly, spaghetti-looking strands of hose floating on the surface of your water.  

Matala’s Self-Weighted Hose can be used in any aquatic environment, including fresh and salt water, dams, lakes, ponds, catchments, even in wastewater processing facilities. 


  • Long lasting: made from thick-walled PVC 
  • Durable: strong, flexible design, doesn’t crush or kink 
  • Weather resistant: can handle freezing temperatures  
  • Low flow resistance: smooth inside wall allows for very little flow resistance, and thus minimal pressure drop 
  • Neat aesthetic: connects everything together nicely and out of sight 

Looking for a different size? 

We stock Matala Self-Weighted Air Hose in ⅜“, ½” and ⅝” Special orders of ¾” and 1″ can be sourced by request—call 1300 283 387.  

About Matala 

Matala is a Taiwanese manufacturer of aquatic equipment operating for over two decades. The company was founded in 2000 by Aquaculture Engineer, Marc Talloen. Originally producing filtration mats for the pond sector, Matala was quickly recognised as the go-to brand for high-quality pond filtration solutions. Within just three years Matala had teamed up with a leading Taiwanese motor manufacturer which allowed them to expand their range of water solutions. Matala has since greatly expanded its suite of aquatic products to include dams and lakes, as well as ponds. Today, Matala has distributors in over 40 countries and produces an extensive range of high-quality equipment for dams, lakes and ponds, including filtration systems, aerators, air-stations, weighted hose, UV-C clarifiers, pond vacuums, and drainage equipment. The company is recognised as a global leader in water treatment solutions, renowned for striking an excellent balance between quality and price. 

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 16 cm

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