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Matala Pump Defender—23cm Inside x 33cm Outside x 20cm Long

$149.99 INC GST

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Matala Pump Defender—23cm Inside x 33cm Outside x 20cm Long

Matala Pump Defenders are designed to protect sump pumps by preventing large debris from entering the pump. They can also be used to protect and improve the efficiency of foot valve strainers in irrigation dams. 

Crafted from premium Matala Filter Media, the filter media is placed in a net which fits snuggly over your sump pump and assists in keeping everything flowing smoothly. This improves the longevity of your sump pump and reduces your maintenance requirements. It also means that when it comes time to clean your sump pump, the job is easier as Matala Filter Media does not clog when used correctly. You can simply shake the debris off and wipe over your pump. 


  • Boosts the lifespan of your sump pump 
  • Improves the efficiency of your sump pump 
  • Reduces pump maintenance needs 
  • Protects your pump against clogging 
  • Boosts biological filtration 

Installation info 

This pump defender model fits pumps up to 23cm in diameter and is compatible with most brands. 

Simply open the drawstring, drop the pump inside, and close the drawstring.  

Need a different size? 

About Matala 

Matala is a Taiwanese manufacturer of aquatic equipment operating for over two decades. The company was founded in 2000 by Aquaculture Engineer, Marc Talloen. Originally producing filtration mats for the pond sector, Matala was quickly recognised as the go-to brand for high-quality pond filtration solutions. Within just three years Matala had teamed up with a leading Taiwanese motor manufacturer which allowed them to expand their range of water solutions. Matala has since greatly expanded its suite of aquatic products to include dams and lakes, as well as ponds. Today, Matala has distributors in over 40 countries and produces an extensive range of high-quality equipment for dams, lakes and ponds, including filtration systems, aerators, air-stations, weighted hose, UV-C clarifiers, pond vacuums, and drainage equipment. The company is recognised as a global leader in water treatment solutions, renowned for striking an excellent balance between quality and price. 


What is a sump pump?

Sump pumps are submersible pumps designed to pump clean or dirty water. They are used most to help prevent flooding, water damage and mould beneath the foundations of buildings. A common example is using sump pumps in homes to move water from below a basement to the outside of the home. A sump is essentially a hole or pit that sits beneath the lowest part of the home, often the basement floor. Better referred to as a sump pit or sump tank, the sump is a man-made tank that has been placed in the ground to collect water from drains or that has entered naturally from the groundwater in the earth. A sump pit is used to solve dampness issues where the water table is near or above the foundation of a building. Sump pumps sit idle until you need them. For instance, during or after a lot of heavy rain. The sump pump is used to transfer water out of the sump pit to an external area if the sump becomes too full. Essentially, the sump pump sits at the bottom of the sump pit. The pump has a water sensor on it which detects rising water levels. When the water gets to a certain level, the float switch activates and the sump pump sucks water out of the sump pit to a designated drainage area outside. The water is transferred through a discharge line. Some sump pumps can even detect water in soil, and can drain the water from the soil before it becomes a problem.

Sump pumps can also be used to pump water out of a space, such as flooded water from a building. The pumps are ideal for most water transfer or dewatering applications, including rainwater harvesting and transfer. Sump pumps can also be used for grey water pumping and even wastewater transfer, e.g. septic effluent water disposal. An example is using a sump pump to transfer water out of a pump-out pit, which is where septic overflows, if the pump-out pit is getting too full. Beyond households, sump pumps are used in industrial plants, power plants, construction sites, transportation facilities, mines etc, anywhere water can accumulate and cause issues.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 67 × 73 × 38 cm

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