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Floating Island (1m x 1.5m) with 40 Reusable Plant Pots

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Floating Island (1m x 1.5m) with 40 Reusable Plant Pots

$299.99 + shipping. To get an exact price based on your shipping location, please call 1300 283 387.

Add an aesthetic look to your dam and improve your water quality with a floating vegetated island.

Note: plants not included. Each floating island is 1m x 1.5m and contains 40 reusable (and removable) plant pots. The islands of vegetation help improve the water quality in your dam because the plants have their roots exposed in the water beneath the island. This exposed root mass, and the bacterial ecosystem living in it, draws nutrients (e.g. nitrogen and phosphorus) directly from your water, reducing the overall levels of nutrients in your dam. Less nutrients in your dam means less fertiliser for algae and weeds. So, less algae and weeds.

Floating plants are superior to shore plants for improving water quality because they:

  • Pull nutrients (e.g. nitrogen and phosphorus) directly out of the water, rather than the soil
  • Uptake greater amounts of nutrients because they have more exposed root mass
  • Rise and fall with the water level, so their roots have continual access to treat the water

How the islands work

1. Assemble your island

Our floating jigsaw-cut mats are easily assembled to any size and shape. The mats are joined using nylon connectors and feature pre-cut holes that fit the plant pots (provided in the kits).

2. Plant with vegetation

Plant your vegetation of choice in the pots provided. We recommend you choose native species that don’t grow more than 1m tall.

3. Harvest your plants

Harvesting typically takes place annually, biannually, or quarterly, depending how fast your plants grow. Pull the plants and pots out of the mats. Then pull the plants out of the pots. You can use the plants for compost, gift them to friends, or (if native) plant them on the shore. The pots are reusable for the next round of planting.

4. Replant and repeat

Once the mats are free of the old vegetation and pots, place the empty pots back into the mat holes and replant your island with young plants. Repeat the harvesting process once the plants have grown.

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 156 × 105 × 40 cm

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