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Biostim Accelerator (20L)

$499.99 INC GST


Biostim Accelerator (20L) 

Biostim Accelerator is a 100% natural biocatalyst made of bacterial cultures, enzymes, fungi and stimulants that accelerates the effectiveness of algaecides and herbicides. The concentrate stimulates the growth of naturally occurring bacteria that break down all types of decaying aquatic vegetation: floating, submerged, emergent and algae. 

Used in tandem with your algaecide or herbicide of choice, Biostim Accelerator allows you to use less chemical and achieve the same result—a win for both your dam’s health and your wallet. 

Used on its own, Biostim Accelerator won’t kill algae but it will degrade organic matter (e.g. leaves, duck poo etc) which limits the nutrient-source algae relies on to grow, thus it reduces the chances of algae returning. 

Less chemicals  

Used in combination with algaecide or herbicide, Biostim Accelerator radically improves the effectiveness of these other chemicals by feeding bacterial populations that break down the slime layer that forms on plants and algae. This hard-to-penetrate slime layer is often the reason why so much chemical is needed in the first place, because you have to break through it to get the chemical in contact with the plant or algae.  

Biostim Accelerator encourages natural bacteria to eat away at this protective slime layer so your herbicide or algaecide can get in contact with the plant or algae faster and with less chemical.  

Faster breakdown of dead material 

Used in tandem, Biostim Accelerator also helps clean up the dead material killed off by your herbicide or algaecide. Naturally occurring bacterial populations, provided by Biostim Accelerator, feed on the dead organic material, preventing it from settling at the bottom of your dam and becoming fertiliser for next-generation pests. In this way, Biostim Accelerator helps reduce the chances of as much algae/weeds returning. 

Attacks seeds and spores 

The bacteria populations (grown by Biostim Accelerator) also feed on algae seeds and spores. This is not the case with most algaecides, which kill off the blooming algae but not the algae seeds or spores. These seeds/spores lie dormant until favourable conditions return. By eliminating a lot of these seeds/spores, it means your algae won’t grow back as quickly. 

Note: Biostim Accelerator on its own will not kill weeds or algae. It is a catalyst only. 

How to apply 

When mixed with algaecide or herbicide, we recommend you start with the following dosages and modify based on results.  

Before application: Dilute Biostim Accelerator with water: one-part Biostim Accelerator to nine-parts water. Apply the diluted solution evenly over the treatment area using a clean sprayer. 

Dose rates for lakes and dams  

Initial dose  

1L diluted Biostim Accelerator per 1,000,000L dam water.

Maintenance dose 

500ml diluted Biostim Accelerator per 1,000,000L dam water every two weeks for best results. 

Dose rate for ponds  

10ml diluted Biostim Accelerator per 1,000L pond water every two weeks. 

Note: The following dose rates are guidelines that may need to be increased or decreased according to your individual conditions. Results will depend on factors such as algae composition, water temperature, and water movement (circulated, aerated water provides best results). It’s recommended you treat your water, monitor the results, and adjust your dose rate based on these results. 

Other sizes

Biostim Accelerator (1L)

Biostim Accelerator (5L)

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 35 × 34 × 51 cm

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