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Full Algae Attack Arsenal

Feel like you’ve tried everything to attack your algae and nothing is working? Or is it your first attempt at treating considerable algae and you want to come out of the gate with all guns blazing?

What's included / How the treatment works

This bundle includes everything you need to kill the algae then get your water into a healthier state where algae don’t have the resources to return.

Algae Lift (20kg), Cupricide Algaecide (20L), Biostim Tablets (20kg) and Biostim Accelerator (20L)

Note: This bundle includes chemical, algaecide. Included in the kit are natural products that help reduce how much algaecide you need. 

Algae Lift peels the algae from underwater surfaces and breaks down the slime layer around algae so the Cupricide Algaecide gets straight to the source–thus reducing how much chemical you need. Biostim Accelerator is used as a natural biocatalyst to accelerate the effectiveness of algaecides and herbicides. It speeds up natural degradation processes, aka it stimulates “good” bacteria to get to work faster breaking down decaying material. Otherwise, the dead algae accumulate on the bottom becoming fertiliser for next year’s algae bloom. The Biostim Tablets settle on the floor of your dam, feeding the “good microbes” enzymes and nutrients so their populations flourish. These “good” microbes eat any organic material on the floor of your dam. As well as cleaning up, this reduces the amount of nutrients (e.g. nitrogen, phosphorus) in your water body. Fewer nutrients means less food available for the things you don’t want to grow, e.g. algae and aquatic weeds. 

Chemical warning: we don’t advise using a chemical like algaecide or herbicide on its own, i.e. without natural probiotics, a biocatalyst or both. The reason is the chemical kills everything it touches, the “good” microbes too. This causes a two-factor problem: (1) the dead algae decays over time adding more nutrients to your water, which is fertiliser/food for future algal blooms, and (2) there are less “good” guys than before (the survivors) to compete for this additional food. Without probiotics, you enter a slippery slide: every year you get more and more invasive algae. Algae that arrive earlier, grows faster and is more immune to chemicals. Adding probiotics helps restore the damage done by the initial kill as well as get your water into a healthier condition long-term, aka less nutrient dense from a flourishing population of “good” bacteria. Conditions that algae cannot survive in. 

The Full Algae Attack Arsenal bundle is perfect for those who have exhausted all other algae treatment options or who are attempting their first algae treatment and want to come at the problem with all guns blazing.

Love My Dam has lots of experience dealing with increased algae growth, algal blooms, and more in dams, ponds, and other water bodies. 

Our approach to water treatment is always natural first. We use treatment options that ensure algae control doesn’t damage the ecosystem in your water body. The Full Algae Attack bundle is a powerful assortment of chemical and natural treatments for your dam water.

What’s Included in the Bundle?

The bundle includes four core products: Algae Lift, Cupricide Algaecide, Biostim Tablets, and Biotism Accelerator. These products are examined below.

  • Algae Lift: This peroxide-based water treatment is used to remove algae from the water’s surface and other aquatic surfaces, like plants, rocks, and submerged equipment. The quick action of Algae Lift means that natural processes can break the algae down much faster. On top of lifting the algae, this product can also be used to clean organic buildup and sludge from underwater surfaces, like rocks and the floor of your dam.
  • Cupricide Algaecide: This algaecide is known to be an effective algae control for many different kinds of algae, including Chara, Spirogyra, Cladophora, Vaucheria, Ulothrix, Microcystis, and Oscillatoria.
  • Biostim Tablets: At Love My Dam, we’re particularly proud of our Biostim range of probiotics. This probiotic treatment is made of bacterial cultures, enzymes, and nutrients, like phosphorus, that feed the aerobic microbes in your dam to help rebalance the ecosystem. Biostim is entirely safe to use in dams that provide drinking water to animals like cattle or other wildlife. It is also safe for use in irrigation ponds and other water bodies that livestock may interact with.
  • Biostim Accelerator: Our Biostim Accelerator is a 100% natural biocatalyst that enhances the effectiveness of algacides as well as the natural degradation process. It stimulates the growth of microbes in your dam that break down decaying material.

A Note on Chemical Use

This bundle includes a chemical algaecide, which isn’t common for Love My Dam.

The reason we have included it is to ensure that your algal growth gets the attack it needs to get it back under control. We’ve also paired the algaecide use with natural products that ensure only limited use of algaecide is needed.

We know that chemical use can have a toxic effect on the delicate ecosystem of your water body and may even harm fish and aquatic life, which is why we only use it in limited amounts in this approach to algae control.

Without adding the probiotic products after chemical use, you run the risk of getting more and more invasive species of algae in your dam each year. These algae are more immune to chemical treatments, grow faster, and arrive earlier.

The probiotics we use in this bundle mean that the damage done by the initial kill is restored, and the water is left in an overall better condition.

What the Full Algae Attack Arsenal Bundle Does

Once you identify algae and decide to treat it with our bundle, you’re probably wondering how this bundle actually works to treat new algae problems. We’ve broken it down for you below.

  1. The Algae Lift product peels the algae from all underwater surfaces, like rocks and plants, and breaks down any sludge or slime in the dam.
  2. With the now slime-free environment, the Cupricide Algaecide can get to work quickly and without obstruction. The use of the Algae Lift treatment is to ensure that algaecide use is limited.
  3. The Biostim Accelerator is used to improve the effectiveness of the algaecide products. It helps speed up the degradation process and stimulates the growth of good bacteria, which break down decaying matter. If this is not done, the decaying algae will become food for algae growth next year!
  4. Biostim tablets are added into the mix, sitting on the floor of your dam and feeding the good microbes and enzymes in your dam. These microbes sort out any organic material on the dam floor and also reduce the amount of nutrients in the water. Fewer nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus, mean there is less food available for algae growth, too.

When to Use the Full Algae Attack Arsenal Bundle

If you’ve got an overgrowth of green algae in your dam, then this bundle is for you. You might be going for a full and robust attack right out the gate, which this bundle is perfect for. While it uses kinder products, we’ve included that little shot of algaecide to ensure this treatment is strong and gets to work quickly.

Additionally, if you’ve had green algae problems for a long time and have been overusing algaecides or perhaps just haven’t been able to get a handle on the situation, then this bundle is also a good choice. It’s got enough power behind it to get the algal growth under control in no time.

Algae Treatment and Love My Dam

At Love My Dam, we’ve been treating everything from blue-green algae and all its toxins to aquatic weeds to sludge in dams and ponds for years.

We are always here to give you a hand and help you find the right treatment for your dam. Whether that’s livestock or irrigation-safe treatments or something to make drinking water safe again, we can give the best advice.

Most of our treatments include probiotics and other natural ingredients to avoid the overuse of toxic chemical treatment and ensure the balance of the entire aquatic ecosystem in your dam.

Contact us today if you’d like more information on our algae bundles.