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Elevate Your Space: Find Your Decorative Fountain

Decorative fountains have become one of the best features for your water body. Being both functional and visually pleasing, fountains can serve various purposes without being too much to maintain. 

From accentuating the elegance of gardens to boosting water flow in a dam, these ornate water structures have become integral elements of modern architectural and landscaping designs. If you’re curious about buying a fountain for your water feature, it’s worth learning more about its uses and benefits.

Keep reading our guide to decorative fountains for more information, along with the top fountains available in 2023. 

Above: Matala Floating Fountain

What Are Decorative Fountains? 

Decorative fountains are architectural water features designed for aesthetic and ornamental purposes. These fountains can enhance the visual appeal and ambiance of your indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Unlike functional fountains that increase water circulation in ponds and dams, decorative fountains prioritise beauty and aesthetics over more practical functions. They come in many styles, from classic and traditional designs to modern and minimalist creations. Some even come with lighting to make your water feature more elegant. 

It’s worth investing in these fountains to enhance your water feature when it looks too empty and dull. 

The Versatile Uses of Decorative Fountains for Your Water Feature

Decorative fountains are not confined to a single role. In fact, they are versatile when it comes to enhancing an indoor or outdoor space. 

Here are some ways you can use a decorative fountain for your water feature:

Noise reduction 

Decorative fountains in dams and ponds can also mitigate noise. The sound of falling water from the fountain can mask disruptive sounds such as traffic or nearby construction. In turn, this creates a more peaceful atmosphere.

Aesthetic enhancement for various settings 

Functional water features are essential, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook their aesthetic appeal. Decorative fountains transform these water features into captivating focal points. 

Their powerful water jets or artistic sculptures add a touch of elegance to the surrounding landscape. Whether placed in a public park or a private estate, these fountains elevate the visual experience of the environment.

Decorative fountains also have various uses in many different settings. These include gardens, courtyards, indoor water features for hotels, and wellness spaces for a relaxing and serene atmosphere.

Mosquito and pest control

Stagnant water bodies like ponds and dams can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other pests. Decorative fountains disrupt the surface of the water, making it less suitable for mosquito larvae to thrive. This natural pest control method helps create a more comfortable outdoor environment for both humans and wildlife. 

Do Decorative Fountains Aerate Water?

No. While most fountain makers claim their fountains aerate water by agitating the surface, they don’t do enough to add significant oxygen. Here is a detailed explanation why. In short, decorative fountains use an impeller to pump water and aerating fountains use a propeller. The big difference is the sheer amount of water a propeller chucks out compared to an impeller. It’s like comparing a pump in a pool with an outboard motor on a boat.

If you want a fountain and aeration, you need an aerating fountain. We recommend the Sonho Aerating Fountain for ponds or the Air-O-Lator Carnival Aerating Fountain for dams.

Top Decorative Fountains for Your Space in 2023

When it comes to selecting the perfect decorative fountain for your space, the options are as diverse as your personal style and preferences. You should choose one that suits your budget and water feature.

Below are the top decorative fountains available: 

Matala Floating Fountain

The classic Matala Floating Fountain has a high-quality, powerful pump that elegantly sprays water over your dam or pond without being too much. It pumps 180 litres of water per minute with a beautiful lighting option that makes it glow at night. Invest in the Matala LED lights to completely revamp your decorative fountain. 

You can also buy separate nozzles for this floating fountain to change the spray’s power and direction. The complete nozzle kit has various impressive displays, from a gentle flower to a gushing spray. You can choose what type of display to have when changing your fountain around during maintenance. 

Above: Matala Floating Fountain’s 4 nozzles and lighting kit

Large Farm Fountain

Looking for something larger? Take a look at Air-O-Lator’s Centrifugal Fountain. It creates an impressive aesthetic, spraying water up to 7m high and 12m diameter. It makes the perfect farm fountain, bringing life to any good sized rural dam.

Above: Air-O-Lator Centrifugal Fountain

Modern minimalist fountain

For those who appreciate clean lines and contemporary designs, a modern minimalist fountain is the perfect choice. These fountains usually have geometric shapes and smooth surfaces to complement modern architectural styles in outdoor spaces. You can find square-shaped fountains with a black outer coating.

Zen garden fountain 

Zen garden fountains are designed to create a sense of tranquillity and inner peace. They are inspired by Japanese rock gardens and incorporate elements like bamboo sprouts and pebble-filled basins. 

The delicate sound of water dripping from these fountains creates a meditative atmosphere, making them perfect for peaceful outdoor environments.

Aerating fountains

If you’re looking for a decorative fountain that also acts as an aerator–improving the water quality–we recommend the Sonho Aerating Fountain for ponds or the Air-O-Lator Carnival Aerating Fountain for dams.


Decorative fountains have the power to transform any indoor or outdoor space. With a range of fountains available, you can choose a design that suits your preferences and water feature. Even though they enhance the visual appeal of water features, they can also reduce outside noise and warn away pests.

Ready to choose the decorative fountain of your dreams? Browse our collection today or contact us for more guidance on choosing the perfect fountain.