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Next Business Day Dispatch

Improve the aesthetic look of your water feature with eco-dyes, designed to add a dark reflective tint to your water to disguise muddiness and generally just enhance the look of your dam. 

Love My Dam is proud to offer natural eco-dyes that are safe for fish and other aquatic life, and effective in giving your waterbody a fresh new look.  

Browse our collection of eco-dyes above.  

Types of Eco-Dyes for Various Water Features 

Eco-dyes have emerged as a unique approach to water feature maintenance. They are natural substances that enhance water clarity while minimising the ecological impact. You don’t have to worry about your plants or fish suffering from the dye. Instead, they contain minerals, UV blockers and natural-grade dye to simply change the appearance of your water.  

Here are some common dyes you can use from our collection:  

Black Eco-Dye 

Our Black Dam Eco-Dye can boost the aesthetic of your water feature while creating a reflective black colour that contrasts with surrounding landscapes. When applied, this eco-dye specifically reduces the amount of sunlight penetrating the water. In turn, your water feature should experience less algae growth.  

Black eco-dye also regulates water temperature by absorbing and retaining heat more efficiently. In colder environments, this can help keep your water feature warmer, allowing aquatic life forms to thrive. 

Blue Eco-Dye  

On the other hand, Blue Dam Eco-Dye can enhance the colour of your water feature to make it more visually pleasing. This is a popular choice for ponds, fountains and decorative pools that are in public spaces. The serene blue colour creates a sense of tranquillity and relaxation for anyone who encounters the water feature.  

Aside from aesthetics, blue eco-dye absorbs sunlight in the visible spectrum, particularly in green and blue wavelengths. This property can help reduce the penetration of sunlight in the water, limiting the amount of light for weed and algae photosynthesis.   

Wildlife is also attracted to the vibrant blue colour, making it a home for species to drink, bathe and live in.  

Blue/Black Eco-Dye  

The combination of these colours can be found in our Blue/Black Dam Eco-Dye, which incorporates the benefits of both dyes. Together, they can enhance your water feature’s aesthetics, reduce light penetration, regulate the temperature and create the illusion of greater water depth.  

This eco-dye also creates a picturesque and serene ambience when reflecting the surrounding environment. Water features in public spaces, whether that’s in parks or communal gardens, can attract more of an audience. 

It’s also worth noting that all of these dyes are safe for the environment and aquatic life. They are formulated using natural ingredients to ensure they don’t threaten aquatic organisms or damage plants.  

Where to Find Natural Eco-Dyes for Your Water Feature Needs 

Love My Dam has high-quality eco-dyes that are perfectly natural and safe. You can use them for any water feature, including dams, ponds, lakes and fountains. It’s important to use eco-dyes to ensure aquatic life can thrive. Stay away from chemical dyes that do more harm than good.   

Browse our collection now or contact our parent website to learn more about how our eco-dyes work.