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Biostim Pellets Explained: How They Improve Water Quality

Biostim Pellets Explained: How They Improve Water Quality

When it comes to treating your dam, we’re always going to advocate for natural solutions, and one of our favourite natural solutions is Biostim Pellets. Biostim Pellets are pellets of probiotics that help to reintroduce and accumulate levels of beneficial bacteria in your dam.

Biostim is one of our favourite products as it helps to treat the problem and not the symptoms. In this article, we’re going to help you get to know Biostim, how it works, and why you might choose to use this product in your dam.

What Are Biostim Pellets?

Biostim Pellets are probiotics that feed the beneficial bacteria in your water body. In a similar way to when you’re told to eat Greek yoghurt for the beneficial bacteria, these bacteria actively produce enzymes in your waterbody to help with the breakdown of organic waste in your entire water body.

Often, people turn to us when they notice symptoms, like weed, algae, and pests in their dam. Unfortunately, many chemical solutions only treat these symptoms rather than their root cause. Biostim Pellets treat the cause by starving algae and weeds, reducing sludge, and cleaning up the organic waste in your dam.

Biostim is a natural solution. Unlike chemical solutions which will kill off the weeds but leave you with even more organic material at the bottom of your dam, Biostim Pellets slowly break down the sludge and introduce bacteria that actively produce enzymes, speeding up the breakdown of sludge, organic matter, and aquatic weeds.

As the natural solution, Biostim is more likely to show consistent results. In fact, in a test we found that in 11 weeks of Biostim treatment, 98% of algae and 99% of blue-green algae were eradicated.

Unlike other solutions, using Biostim Pellets means using less and less of the product over time. While your dam may need to be treated heavily in the beginning, once the levels of aerobic bacteria increase and bacterial cultures are levelled off, you will likely only need a maintenance dose every now and again.

How Do Biostim Pellets Improve Water Quality?

So, how do Biostim Pellets actually work?

When you have a layer of sludge (organic matter) in your dam, you’ll find that you have a problem with algae and weeds. This is because the organic material in your dam is producing too many nutrients, leading to the overgrowth of algae and weeds.

By stimulating naturally occurring bacteria with Biostim Pellets, you will starve the organic material, degrading sludge, and other waste of its food source because the bacterial cultures will outcompete it. With a reduction in decaying organic material, your weed and algae problem will become obsolete over time.

Essentially, with Biostim, you’re adding sludge-eating microbes to your dam and ensuring that the bacteria eventually starve the organic sludge, leading to a better-balanced aquatic system in just a couple of weeks.

When Should I Use Biostim Pellets?

There are many different types of treatment products that you can use, but if you’ve been struggling for weeks with sludge, organic waste, and weeds, then Biostim products might be the best choice for you. Which type should you choose, though? There are options for liquid, powder, tablets, and pellets in our range, so which style is most suited to your problem?

You should use Biostim Pellets if:

  • You have a large body of water but are only looking to treat localised areas. For example, around a jetty, where you’re having trouble with weeds and algae.
  • You’re using your dam for irrigation and want to reduce the amount of sludge being pulled up through the irrigation suction pipes.
  • Your dam has a high flow through where water doesn’t remain in the body very long and so liquid may be sucked out quickly, whereas pellets can be dropped in regularly. They sink straight to the bottom and begin working on the sludge immediately, making them less likely to be pulled out of the dam.

For your initial dose, it is recommended that you use about 12kg of pellets per surface acre per month. For a maintenance dose, 6kg per surface acre per month is perfect. You should stick with the initial dose rate until you can see a noticeable difference, then reduce it to the maintenance dose.

Be aware that the water quality, sludge composition, water temperature, and water movement in your dam will impact the treatment and how quickly the Biostim works.

Benefits of Biostim Pellets

  • Targets specific areas: Unlike liquid and powder products, we recommend Biostim pellet products for targeting specific areas. You may have noticed a buildup around your irrigation pipes, your jetty, or other areas in your dam. Biostim Pellets can be used in this specific area to deal with the problem.
  • Targets the problem, not the symptoms: Our Biostim products are specifically designed to starve the nutrient source of the weeds and algae that are causing your problems. Unlike alternative treatments, this is a long-term solution meant to last.
  • Reduces weeds, algae, and odours: Weeds, algae, and odours aren’t particularly inviting in your dam, and our Biostim Pellets help treat them.
  • Non-toxic and chemical-free: Biostim is a natural solution to your problem. As a chemical-free, non-toxic solution, you can still use the dam for irrigation, feeding, and leisure, even when using the pellets.

Tips for Using Biostim Pellets in Your Dam

  • Remember that your unique dam may need a unique dosage for Biostim Pellets. Our dosage guidelines are a recommendation, but feel free to increase or decrease them to find the perfect fit for you.
  • Our Biostim products work particularly well when coupled with aeration. This is because aeration introduces that all-important oxygen into your dam, which the good bacteria love. So, if you can aerate your dam while treating it, then do so!

Final Thoughts

Biostim Pellets are a non-toxic product used to treat dams with too many nutrients in them. Symptoms of a dam with too many nutrients include algal blooms, aquatic weeds, and sludge. If you’ve got these symptoms in your water body, the Biostim might be the solution for you.

If you’d like to understand more about our Biostim range and the products on offer, then check out our inventory here or the Scotty Tucker YouTube channel for in-depth videos on the products we have on offer.