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A Guide To Having Your Own Inflatable Park On Water

A Guide To Having Your Own Inflatable Park On Water

Turning your dam or lake into a flourishing aquatic entertainment business has more promise and excitement than most other rural leisure and entertainment ventures. For landowners who want to rejuvenate their properties and capitalise on their natural assets, inflatable water parks provide an alluring opportunity. These floating playgrounds provide the chance to use the potential that their dam or lake has, in addition to providing fun for their friends and family, regardless of age.

If you’re a land owner unsure of what to do with your land’s body of water, the scope for transforming a dormant lake or dam into a thriving business is endless. Whether it be sporting clubs or corporate groups seeking a team-building activity, to kids’ or adults’ birthday parties, adding an inflatable obstacle course to your land is worthwhile exploring. 

There are endless choices of inflatables flooding the market, with each option seemingly determined to outdo the last in terms of extravagance and exhilaration, and finding the perfect fit for your land can feel overwhelming. So we’ve created this comprehensive guide, aimed at helping you navigate the sea of choices (pardon the pun) available to ensure you find the right inflatable water park that fits perfectly with your vision, aspirations and capacity.

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Understanding Your Capacity and Requirements

It’s a good idea to take a minute to evaluate your needs and capabilities before jumping into the world of inflatable water parks, as costs can quite easily begin to pile up. Though it might be tempting to create the most complex and thrilling inflatable park you can imagine from the very start, we advise taking the time to make well-informed decisions that support your objectives and aspirations by clearly defining your preferences, requirements and budget. 

Before you make any snap decisions, have a look at this thorough list of considerations to help you with the process: 

Size Matters

Consider the available space on your property and determine the size of the inflatable water park that fits best. Are you blessed with ample room for a sprawling setup, complete with towering slides and expansive play areas? Or is your space more limited, calling for a compact yet equally thrilling configuration? Understanding the dimensions of your potential aquatic playground is the first step towards creating a space that maximises both fun and functionality.

Features Galore

Explore the multitude of features available in inflatable water parks. From twisting slides to challenging obstacles and interactive water games, the options are incredibly fun and virtually endless. Take stock of your preferences and prioritise the features that resonate most with your vision. Are you seeking heart-pounding thrills for adults? Serene relaxation for friends and family? Or a mix of both? By curating a list of must-have features, you can ensure that your inflatable water park delivers the excitement and enjoyment you desire.

Capacity Considerations

Evaluate the number of guests you anticipate hosting at any given time and choose an inflatable water park that can accommodate your crowd. Whether you’re planning intimate gatherings with family and friends, group bookings or larger events for the community, selecting a park with the appropriate capacity ensures that everyone can join in on the fun without it feeling overcrowded, while keeping it safe.

Budgeting Wisely

Finally, but just as importantly, choose a reasonable budget for your inflatable water park project. Consider the cost of the initial purchase as well as any supplementary accessories or improvements you may want, as well as continuing maintenance costs. Even while it might be tempting to splash out a lot of money on as many obstacles and inflatables as your inner child would want, sticking to your budget and giving priority to necessities will guarantee an investment that will last for years to come.

You should start your inflatable water park adventure with clarity and confidence, making sure you fully understand your land’s requirements and capacity. 

There is an abundance of knowledge that is available on the internet. Take advantage of it and examine reviews, product details, and user comments to learn more about the functionality, performance, and durability of various inflatable water park inflatables. 

Assessing Quality and Durability

Consider longevity and quality while assessing potential inflatable water parks. Select inflatables and obstacles made of durable materials that are resistant to wear and tear as well as exposure to the outdoors. To ensure a longer lifespan, look for features like UV-protected material, reinforced stitching, and rip-resistant fabric.

Safety First

Safety should always remain paramount when selecting an inflatable water park, regardless of the age group your park will accommodate. Verify that the product complies with relevant safety standards and regulations. Check for features like sturdy anchor points, safety nets, and non-slip surfaces to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries.

You should ensure that all participants of all age groups have the necessary safety equipment for each session, such as a helmet and a life vest. Assessing whether your water park should have a minimum age requirement is advisable to ensure children are not playing on adult-intended equipment. Alternatively, implementing a children-must-be-accompanied adult policy for each children’s session is another practical safety measure. 

Session Times and Entry Points at the Water Park

When planning a day at the water park, understanding session times and entry points is crucial for both park management and visitors. Here’s what you need to know:

Session Times:

  • Water park sessions are typically divided into specific time slots. These sessions allow different groups of visitors to enjoy the park without overcrowding.
  • Common session durations include morning, afternoon, and evening slots. Some parks may also have extended hours during weekends or holidays.
  • Each session provides a fresh start for visitors, ensuring that everyone has ample time to experience the attractions, slides, and pools.
  • Deciding on the last session time can vary from high season to low season. As the proprietor of the water park, it’s completely up to you when that may be.

Variations of Entry Point:

  • General Admission: Regular visitors enter through the main gate during scheduled session times.
  • Group Bookings: Schools, summer camps, and other organised groups often have separate entry points. Group leaders coordinate arrival times to streamline the check-in process.
  • Birthday Parties and Special Events: If you’re celebrating a birthday or attending a private event, there may be designated entry points.

Safety Briefs and Transition Time:

  • Between sessions, it’s advisable to leave enough time for safety briefs. These briefings cover rules, emergency procedures, and guidelines for using the attractions.
  • Park staff use this transition time to reset equipment, perform safety checks, and ensure cleanliness.
  • Adequate intervals between sessions prevent rush and chaos at entry points, allowing everyone to enjoy a smooth start to their water park adventure.

Aqua Park Sessions: Fun for Everyone

Aqua Park sessions can be designed to provide fun and excitement for all ages. Whether a paying adult looking for a thrilling adventure or a family seeking a memorable day out, water parks offer something for everyone. You can ensure safety rules are tightly adhered to in order to ensure a worry-free experience for all participants. Before each session, a comprehensive safety brief should be provided to familiarise guests with park rules and guidelines. 

Conveniently located on your property, an inflatable park on water offers endless hours of fun and entertainment for not just your guests, but also friends and family. With a variety of inflatable slides, blast bags, and many obstacles to explore, there’s never a dull moment at our aqua park. 

Whether it’s a group seeking a New Year function idea, team building sessions, or sporting club events, Aqua Park’s appeals to a wide berth of potential customers. 

Adding Excitement to Your Aqua Park 

When it comes to designing a customised inflatable water park, there are various exciting options to explore. We’ve added a few of our favourites below so you can get an idea of the fun that lies ahead: 

Breezeway 20 (below): This inflatable water element provides a refreshing and enjoyable experience. It might be an excellent addition for individuals who like sliding, climbing, and bouncing in the water. Imagine a colourful obstacle course through which you may race your friends or family members!


Blast Bag (below): The Blast Bag is ideal for excitement enthusiasts. Imagine a massive inflated sack that you can leap upon from a platform. It resembles a water trampoline but with a twist. You can launch yourself into the air and make a splash as you land back in the water.

Rebound 20 Aquapark with Slide: Arguably the most fun inflatable from Aquapark’s range. The Rebound 20 Aquapark with Slide features bouncing, sliding, and climbing. It has a spacious core bouncing area surrounded by inflatable walls. it’s essentially a floating playground!

The possibilities are endless and there is so much fun to be had with a water park, take a little look at the full Aquapark range of inflatable add-ons here and come up with your idea of an inflatable water park haven.